The Yellow Emperor's Toad Classic

The Yellow Emperor's Toad Classic (A translation of the Huangdi Hama Jing 黃帝蝦蟆 - A Classical Chinese Medicine Prohibition Text) is the first complete translation in English of a rare classic that has almost slipped into obscurity. It contains the original Chinese, a commentary and extensive reference tables, diagrams and illustrations.

The text opens a window to the wisdom of ancient times and presents various  prohibitions based on the passage of time expressed by the lunar cycle (and illustrated by the imagery of the Toad and Hare in the moon),  extensive methods based on the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, season, climate and gender, as well as choosing auspicious days to combine and take herbal medicine. The Hama jing is a rich resource for practitioners and students of Chinese medicine and anyone interested in the ancient medical classics.


“The Hama Jing is an interesting and overlooked classic and we are indebted to Lee Moden in bringing the work to light and sharing it with the English-speaking Chinese medicine community. It is a valuable contribution to the important subject of time and timing and Lee’s work not only gives us access to the subject, but also provides a wealth of in-depth explanations of it. It offers an opportunity to unfold another aspect of this vast and abundant treasure-house of knowledge and healing that is Chinese medicine".

Peter Firebrace
Writer, lecturer, acupuncturist, Director of Guan Academy, former Principal of the International College of Oriental Medicine (ICOM), co-founder of Monkey Press

“Moden’s translation of the Hama jing interprets a key text that shaped medieval Chinese and also Japanese medicine. He brings the work of historians and practitioners to the text in a creative and erudite way. Understanding the early history of astromedicine enriches both our knowledge of the innovations of the past and is a key to understanding some of the mysteries of contemporary practice. It is a joy to see this work come to fruition.”

Vivienne Lo
Professor of History, University College London (UCL), specialising in the History of Asian Medicine and Classical Chinese medicine

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